Google Lively, this time Second Life

This time Google targeted the virtual reality with their foot step into Lively, an 3d chat room. While Second life (Linden Lab ) is the leader in Virtual reality market, but the thin client based approach will help them. But for just chating, does it make sense? May be for those people, who have enough time to chat…


Virtual Lab or Sandbox

The word Sandbox will immediately create an image of some restricted environment or Security Model in Java or LINUX Programmer’s mind. But in case of Second Life it is different. It more a LAB, where you can build your own virtual object and try different experiments with their behavior. It is more liberal than restriction…

My experimentation in Second Life…. Myself in IBM SandBox with a demo Plane

Learning Microsoft Technologies in Second Life

I visit second life on daily basis from a long time, probably from Mid of 2007. I have been busy with some LSL learning and doing things at IBM6 ( IBM Sandbox – Lab at Second life), never thought about Microsoft classroom. It was really a great experience to visit Microsoft’s classroom there. So i attended Microsoft Excel class on June 10, 2008. Probably 20-30 participants were there for the class. Below is a snapshot from the classroom,-