Yet another phishing on SBI

Recently got the following mail with nicely arranged phishing page, only it was not https…

Email stating where to visit

The phishing email

The site where it takes and from there the hell / the login page 🙂

You will land on it : first


Future attacks ??

I liked the article on some remote attacks without network!!! Interesting…….

What about analyzing your brain waives..Hah.. Funny… 🙂

Phishing Attack – An amateur example

I got an email from some amateur hacker asking me to change my bank account details.

The email was quite promising, I liked it 🙂 Here is an screen shot of that from my mailbox :-


After i clicked th URL, the layout was good but the URL that was visible on address bar is really bad, I mean really amateur 🙂

Here is a screen shot of that. I have marked the mistakes 🙂


Virtualization Security Issues — Adding an sticky Firewall

It might be a good idea to  add a firewall to each of your VMs to protect the whole system. The “Whole System” is of concern becuase one compromise VM can become a hacker’s playground and will be used it attack other VMs in it’s boundary. But there is an; LATENCY, software switches makes the latency more and the firewall (software) will add to it. The presentation from ALTOR networks looks promising for ALTOR VF.