Firefox & Java Plugin problem

There is a very good note on plugins and firefox setup. The problem occurs sometimes,

if you install a new JRE after your firefox installation on LInux. Here is the Link :

Hitghlighted the Java Plugin & Firefox

Install Java Runtime Environment.

Make a symbolic link to in your Mozilla Plugins directory.

Use the copy located in the plugin/i386/ns7 directory of JRE 5.0 or later, or plugin/i386/ns610-gcc32 if you are using JRE 1.4.2

Good Cartoons on Science & Environment

I am not a big fan of cartoon but i appreciate the work on Cartoon Cosmos. Realy thoughtfull and well presented. Good work Mr Sumanta Baruah.

Writing your blog posts in Assamese

Ok, There is no direct support to write blog posts (atleast in wordpress or blogspot) in assamese but you can write with help of some unicode editors. One important thing to remember that your browser need to support unicode formats. Well, IE 6+ and Mozilla Firefox supports unicode character formats.


In assamese , “O mor apunar desh”…

অ’ মোর আপোনার দেশ,

অ’ মোর চিকুনি দেশ,

এনে খন সুব্ লা , এনে খন সুফলা, এনে খন মরমর দেশ।

এনে খন সুব্ লা , এনে খন সুফলা, এনে খন মরমর দেশ।



I have been thinking for a long time to make a blog/basket for me 🙂 to put all my ideas and thoughts, and get some feedback from my friends and At last did it