Good Cartoons on Science & Environment

I am not a big fan of cartoon but i appreciate the work on Cartoon Cosmos. Realy thoughtfull and well presented. Good work Mr Sumanta Baruah.

Unintentional Attacks

I have been observing a quite simple but very interesting attack these days and that is based on the popularity of the Web Service. Though is it similar to this definition but it has a  clear distintion from the previous one.

Consider about the enormou popular Web Servers like – yahoo, google, ….etc.  Now consider about all the Developer, system testers, testers, network troubleshooter, network tester and so on…

What is the first thing you do when your server is not respondig? This what:

  1. Ping (includes all kind) google or yahoo or … any web server that you remember or you trust or is popular
  2. then so on.. other methods

I am not claiming that this same to everyone of us but it is somewhat common. Now, immediate question will be; How to get rid of such attack? Ans: It is really great to have such honor.