World Wide Grid???

World Wide Web — ??? Some Buzz words


Semantic — Ontology


Internet –HTTP


Communication Protocols – TCP/IP


Come on it is too much !!! The length is increasing vertically on top same old infrastructure. I feel we need to stop and make some foundation changes.. 🙂

Hardware Security module / Crypto Accelerator

I think this is a very interesting topic, I have just started to learn this, But as I am going through this I have found couple of links as well as documents which are really interesting. These articles talk about openssl, Hardware Security module, SSL Accelerator and information about provider companies

  1. Blog post :
  2. Article on HSM,
  3. Wiki
  4. Wiki
  5. SSL programming tutorial
  6. VIA PadLock support for Linux
  7. Something from safenet

I will write about my findings, An how to do , Short cut of course. But let me look in to it more carefully. Thanks to Jad.