Achieving Service Orientation through DSSP

As, I have discussed in my last post service orientation can be achieved via a message passing mechanisms (which should be known to service provider and consumer before they start with any operation), DSSP from Microsoft is one of them. DSSP defines a way to achieve service orientation design.
We can articulate the way, that DSSP offers service orientation, as follows:-

  1. DSSP defines a set of certain operations (GET, UPDATE, INSERT..), which a service designer need to implement to provide service. Now , what is a service in this context? Ans : For example, let us consider the “Printer” as a service. A printer offers following operations: “Print Document”, “Cancel Printing” and “Jobs”. So, we can have design this printer service using GET (shows printer JOBS), INSERT (print a document) and UPDATE (to cancel printing).
  2. DSSP does not define how the message structure would be, for your service. It is upto you to define it. Which makes DSSP suitable for variety of environments. So all the printer companies should come and decide the message structure for printing service so that they can become interoperable (a Hp printer is offloading his jobs to a Xerox printer).
  3. The standard DSSP operations are the only mechanisms to interact with a service for the Clients (A PC giving print order to the printer) as well as the Service (Xerox printer is offloading his job to HP Printer) Itself.

DSSP is another attempt to achieve a HTTP like protocol for Service Orientation. In my next post i will design a Printer Service using DSSP with Code samples and do the analysis. It is really getting interesting


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