Service Oriented Protocol Or Services Communication Protocol

After reading the article “Protocol independence in a service-oriented architecture” at Techrepublic, i got doubt what exactly it is talking about ? How can we achieve a protocol dence in Service oriented architechture? But after reading the SOA specification fro OASIS, i think that i understood it.
The main confusing part of SOA is the service communication protocol. A service communication protocol defines how different services are going to talk each other or a Client (actually Service consumer) is going request the service provider for service.
So a service communication protocol is not the transport-protocol as like the TCP/IP, rather it a interaction mechanism to interact with services. And the semantics of the protocol need to be specified before we implement services which can talk each other.
Again, Does the semantic SOA is trying to solve the “Pre -specified Meaning” limitation by introducing Ontology? I am trying to learn that.. 🙂
And, of course, A protocol which supports service communication and management should be termed as service oriented protocol as DSSP claimed by Microsoft.
And from the definition, it is now clear that how you transport the messages from one service to another is not at service communication protocol’s scope, but what does that message mean and how to react with a message is what it says.


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